Éttermünkben a grappán és boron kívül ásványvíz és házi mézes szörpök olthatják a vendégek szomját.

1600,-Cheese assortment from different cheeses
350,-Bread with goose fat and red onion
600,-Bread with crackling cream

1690,-Home made goat cheese, salad
1890,-Duck breast with ginger

990,-Garlic soup in loaf of bread
890,-Poultry ragout soup seasoned with forest herbs and spices
890,-Broth with duck liver dumplings
2690,-Fish soup served a marmite with catfish
1790,-Fish soup served in a marmite with carpfish

1890,-Pannonhalma “cellar stew” Stew with a rich sauce served in a small saucepan with fresh bread
2690,-Giant Wiener Schnitzel prepared in a large iron frying pan (made from pork loin) Served with roast potatoes with onion
2690,-Crispy stuffed hand of pork, grilled on a hotplate served with steamed cabbage
2890,-Game stew with gnocchi
2190,-Breast of chicken strips laid on a fresh salad bed
2690,-breast of chicken with dried and fresh fruits soaked in Riesling
2690,-breast seasoned with forest herbs and spices and served with “tócsni" pastry with three types of onions
2990,-Roasted breast of duck “rosé”, served with a red cabbage and fruit salad
3690,-Sirloin grilled on a hotplate and served with vegetables from the garden and compound butter
3990,-Roasted grey catfish with paprika and home made cheese noodles
2990,-Crunchy trout with grilled vegetables
2490,-"Summer" chicken breast with vegetables
2000,-Home-made hamburger served with fries and with our secret sauce
2690,-Grilled giant Wiener Schnitzel

650,-Vegetables of the season
450,-Home made pickle mix

1090,-Roasted breast if chicken with rice, salad

890,-"Vargabéles" the way “Aunt Nelli” used to make
890,-Tiramisu with fruits