Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2009

Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2009

dry quality white wine

Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2009

The same law applies to drinking as does to love: any time, anywhere and any which way.

Béla Hamvas

Character of the wine

Belongs to the line of 'more serious' wines from Pannonhalma.

It’s pale gold in colour.

Its aroma discretely indicates the brief time spent in an oak barrel following biological malic acid decomposition. Its richness in alcohol is coupled with abundant acids giving overall balance to the wine.

It is of a mineral character, but not in the manner typical of volcanic soils.

The buttery character of chardonnay can also be felt in the taste.

Recommended to be consumed with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and smoked flavoured dishes.

Vintage 2009
Estate Pannonhalma, Szőlőhegy
Soil Semi-cohesive brown forest soil
Age of vineyard 20 years
Harvest Hand harvested in October 2009
Yield 40 hl/ha
Alcohol content 12% V/V
Sugar content 2g/l, dry
Acid content 6,7 g/l
Recommended drinking temperature app. 12-13 °C