Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch 2011

Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch 2011

dry quality red wine

Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch 2011

Character of the wine

A pleasant, playful, young wine.

The result of barrel aging is a beautiful deep cardinal red colour and a lighter character, which makes it a pleasant wine to drink with meals. Not necessarily a wine for deep, meaningful conversations, but a perfect companion to paprika dishes.

Nice fruity wine with aromas of dried cherry.

Harmonious and from Pannonhalma, naturally.

Vintage 2011
Estate Pannonhalma wine region: Ravazd szőlőhegy
Soil Semi-cohesive brown forest soil
Age of vineyard 34 years
Harvest Hand harvested in October 2010
Yield 35 hl/ha
Wine making method Biological malic acid decomposition, short wooden barrel ageing.
Alcohol content 11,5% V/V
Sugar content 2,4 g/l, dry
Acid content 7,2 g/l
Bottled March 2012
Recommended drinking temperature App.12-14 °C on account of it being a young red wine