Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch Rosé 2012

Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch Rosé 2012

dry quality rosé wine

Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch Rosé 2012

And only on occasion you can find wines in which a full symphony can be heard. When you are drinking such a wine you are silent, not being prompted to make any noise yourself, being unable to express the music you hear from within. At times like this you stare into the world with a wise, distant smile.



Light rosé wine with intense aromas of fruits.

Lively and fresh with a raspberry, cherry flavour.

An exciting wine.

And it’s from Pannonhalma, naturally. From the Wine Kingdom.

To be consumed with friends come rain or shine, or at times when you’re feeling down. It is almost guaranteed to cheer you up.

Estate Pannonhalma wine region: Ravazd, Szőlőhegy
Alcohol content 11,5% V/V
Sugar content 4,2g/l, dry
Acid content 5,9g/l
Recommended drinking temperature app. 10-12 °C