Wine tasting

The quality and origin of the wines served in the Wine House is guaranteed by the fact that they were harvested from our own vineyards in the Pannonhalma wine region, they were processed and aged to quality in our own winery and are bottled for your pleasure in our own bottling plant.

A wine tasting held in the wine cellar and hosted by the owner always holds exciting secrets. It is always an adventure to have a look around in a wine cellar built by our ancestors, in which owners of the past used to offer their wines to guests for tasting. It is an extraordinary feeling to touch and secretly knock on the barrels, to take the cork out and see whether the wine really is inside.

And hearing the history of the region and of the cellar and the circumstances in which the wines are born from the most authentic source: the owner herself, as well as being a witness to this in the Kingdom of Wines is almost sheer poetry.

It is the wines of Henriett Hajduk, the wine grower of Wine Kingdom Pannonhalma Wine Cellar that can be tasted. At times like these known and already tasted wines, just like new or unknown wines are different, they have a unique flavour. It’s a mystery how the power of words can turn wines believed to be known, such as Riesling, Traminer, Chardonnay and Blaufränkisch into something different.

Wine tasting

Guided tasting of 4 types of Pannonhalma wines
Two white wines: Pannonhalma Zefír or Pannonhalma Rhine Riesling or Pannonhalma Traminer or Pannonhalma Chardonnay
As well as a rosé and a red wine: Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch Rosé and Pannonhalma Blaufränkisch
Price: HUF 1600.-
Guided tasting of 6 types of Pannonhalma wines
Price: HUF 2000.-

The price for wine tasting includes a bottle of mineral water, as well as walnuts and crackling cream bites following the tasting.

Pensioner, friends of gardening and university student groups may receive a 10% discount.

Making or cancelling an appointment

Making an appointment over the phone: +36 96 471-730

Based on an appointment made previously, wines and cheese or wines and chocolates, as well as special older vintage wines can also be tasted.

In our winery older vintage wines are stored in safe deposit to ensure the later monitoring of the life cycles of our wines and to allow for comparative tasting, if possible.

Making a wine tasting appointment

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