Vineyard and winery

I rest my eyes on the emotional people walking underneath the archway of the narrow cellar covered in black mould, as if they were treading on an echoing church floor. I like people stopping underneath the vine-arbour with the heavy brunches hanging from above, looking through the gaps between the leaves with the peacefulness of having finally arrived reflecting on their faces.

Sándor Tatay

From the day of the vine being planted up until the time of the wine being bottled, every little task of wine making is done with utmost care and attention to detail.

Every drop of the noble beverage is the result of not only the perfect harmony of sunshine, soil and aging, but also that of a lot of hard work.

All our hearts and souls are devoted to making this wine one that we are proud of. We feel it equally important to lay our heads to rest each night knowing that the wine into the making of which we put so much effort gives people that drink it the pleasure that we have envisaged.

‘Great’ wines are always made in the vineyard. The things that are required are an exceptional piece of land, which gives it its unique character, an appropriate type of grape, radical yield restriction, as well as well though-out and thorough green pruning.

Our vineyards:

  • 1.5 ha. of Traminer: Győrújbarát;
  • 1 ha. of Olasz Riesling: Ravazd;
  • 1.5 ha. of Blaufränkisch, Merlot: Ravazd;
  • 3 ha. of newly planted Rhine Riesling: Pannonhalma.

Winery — Quality from start to finish.

Our winery in Pannonhalma was established in a more than a hundred years old Pannonhalma cellar.

The winery and our wine cellar where the Pannonhalma wines can be tasted are at a considerable distance from each other owing to professional considerations. Wine tasting is organised with the help of a professional guide in the Wine Kingdom Pannonhalma Wine Cellar, which is also where Mansion House Restaurant is located.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in everything we do.

The wines in our winery are created and shaped using barrel fermentation and aging, as well as reductive technologies.